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Calling all film makers
Monday nights at the FCCT have been known for years as 'Film Night'. We've had the great fortune to partner with embassies and film makers from all over the world and have screened some fabulous films.
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The FCCT prides itself for being one of Thailand's most respected venues for holding open debates about current events. We usually hold panel discussions on Wednesday nights at 7pm. The entry fee for non-members is 450 baht.

Duterte and Philippine drug wars - Thaksin redux?
7 pm, Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Since President Rodrigo Duterte came into office two months ago, 'The Punisher' has been delivering on his campaign promise to purge the Philippines of drug dealers and deliver law and order. The body bags have been piling up with over 700 dead in 'shootouts' with police and more than 1,000 blatantly killed by vigilantes. Predictably, the brutal campaign has been condemned by the United Nations, foreign governments, and human rights activists, and is already the subject of a senate inquiry in Manila. It nevertheless appears to enjoy support among a large number of Filipinos tired of rampant crime and rotten law enforcement. Duterte can also stand on his track record as mayor of Davao in the southern state of Mindanao, which is now considered the safest city in the Philippines.
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The Exotic Life, Mysterious Disappearance, and Massive Search for Jim Thompson, the "Silk King of Thailand"
7pm, Tuesday 13 September, 2016
Moonlight Bungalow in Malaysia's Cameron Highlands, where Jim Thompson was staying when he disappeared.
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China: an ever growing footprint
7pm, Thursday 15 September, 2016
It is the nation no-one can afford to ignore. Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China has engaged in an increasingly muscular foreign policy while clamping down on critics both at home and abroad.
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Information - outside event
September 19, 2016
Asian Side of the Doc

To all documentary filmmakers living in ASEAN nations or of ASEAN nationality, we thought you'd be interested in this:
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The FCCT clubhouse is a popular venue for third party events - press conferences, book launches, networking lunches etc. If you are interested in hiring the room for all or part of a day, please contact the manager on 02-652-0580 or E-mail:

ASEAN in Laos: Challenges of Leadership, Human Rights and Democracy
11am, Wednesday 31 August, 2016
At a time when ASEAN is witnessing an alarming increase in human rights abuses, restrictions on civil liberties, and a shrinking of democratic space in a number of its member states, what kind of example does this year's ASEAN Chair, Laos, set for the regional bloc?
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We record most of our events and put it up on Youtube two weeks after the event. If you would like to purchase a DVD of the event, please contact our office at

We provide grants of 15,000 baht every two months to documentary photographers and photojournalists to go towards printing for the FCCT exhibition. We give priority to photographers who live and work in Asia and Asia-focused topics that are under-covered. To apply for these grants please send a 150 word summary of the project, a short bio of the photographer and a dropbox of at least 15 selects from the project with captions to

Gallery Opening July 08: Photographs by Adam Birkan

Hanoi is 1006 years old, and like the rings of an ancient tree, different eras of its history are etched into its landscapes and people. In few places are the past and present so visually evident in Asia. It is also a case study for emerging economies. In 2009 the urban population was estimated to be 2.9 million. In 2015, it was 7 million. Globalization is an unstoppable force, but its history is proving to be an immovable object. As the two forces meet in the 21st century, they have begun to transform the city in to a strange and exciting amalgamation of past and present. This photo series is a quiet meditation on the current state of Hanoi. It examines both ends of the economic spectrum, individually and as juxtapositions to each other. It is also an attempt to resist the orientalist cliche's created by the western gaze. The photos are a chronicle of Hanoi's past, present, and its development towards an uncertain future.

Adam Birkan is a freelance editorial photographer and visual storyteller. Born in Jerusalem and raised in the far off land of Cincinnati. Adam has been named one of Magnum's 30 Under 30 and the winner of Photo District News' Emerging Photographer award, as well as a finalist in the 2014 National Geographic competition. He was also a participant in the 28th Eddie Adams Workshop. He has a Bachelors of Science in Visual Communication with from Ohio University. He is currently based in Bangkok, focusing on long term, and short term projects that address economic disparity in Asia. Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.
The FCCT, 'Battle of the Bureaus' pub quiz happens every third Thursday of the month (unless announced otherwise). Test your mettle against the best of the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand. Prizes include bottles of wine.

Our restaurant offers both Thai and Western fare created by Chef Moo. We have weekly food and drinks specials highlighting Thailand's freshest ingredients from the market that week.

From our Western Menu

Salmon Fettucine
Fettuccine with a creamy smoked salmon sauce
Grilled beef patty with lettuce, tomato and onion on a bun, and chunky fries
Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce, onions and tomatoes


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