Documentary: "The Graduation" (Fly-on-the-wall at a prestigious French film making school)
7pm, Monday February 19, 2018
In the fly-on-the-wall documentary The Graduation (Le Concours), director Claire Simon focuses her camera on the five-month-long admissions process of France's most famous filmmaking academy: La Femis - a state-run, extremely selective and generously funded institution. The lengthy examinations that thousands of hopefuls undergo to be among the 40 chosen students each year are chronicled.
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Documentary: "Alive and Kicking" (2016) (a twirl through the modern swing-dance revival)
7pm, Monday February 26, 2018
"Alive and Kicking" gives the audience an intimate, insider's view into the culture of the current swing dance world while shedding light on issues facing modern society. No matter what troubles they are facing in their lives, swing dancers are filled with joy, exhilaration, and even giddiness while they dance. Boiled down to its core, swing dancing is about the pursuit of happiness.
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FCCT Documentary Series
The FCCT presents outstanding documentary films every Monday night at 7:00 PM (except holidays), followed by a discussion, or in some cases a Q&A with the director via Skype. Many of these films have won international documentary film awards. The subjects of these documentaries cover a wide range as the films are for the general public.
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Italian Writers in Bangkok
6pm, Tuesday March 20, 2018 and 6pm Thursday May 31, 2018
Since 2012, a dozen of Italian Writers in Bangkok have published twenty new books, mostly in Italian and English language, both in print and e-book format. They range from non-fiction to science fiction, from novels and thrillers to history, academic literature and travel stories. Books will be available and will be signed by their authors.
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