Thailand Foreign Media Accreditation Process

The Department of Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last year reviewed the process for accrediting foreign journalists working in Thailand. The FCCT sought clarification on a number of occasions on various issues that arose, and has now received confirmation of revised requirements relating to samples of work, particularly for first-time applicants and those working in languages other than English. The reduction in volume and modified translation requirements will be less onerous for all. A nettlesome issue relating to corporate registration of media organizations in their countries of origin has also been resolved.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is meanwhile in the late stages of developing a new version of the MFA Media Online Service (MMOS) website for launch in the fourth quarter of the year, and this will benefit all parties.

The efforts of Busadee Santipitaks, the director general of information, and her MMOS team to improve the media accreditation system are already bearing fruit, according to correspondents familiar with the old system who have recently reaccredited, and the upgraded website will be a significant improvement.

The FCCT will continue to offer constructive suggestions on the basis of feedback from its professional membership and other foreign journalists working in Thailand.

Dominic Faulder
15 June 2017

Procedural clarifications
  • First-time applicants are required to submit samples of work they have produced in the past year.

  • At least five examples should be submitted, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may request to see more at its discretion.

  • The work submitted shall be related to Thailand, if applicable. However, if the applicant has not done any work on Thailand, he/she should submit other samples. This provides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an idea of the applicant's special fields of interest, style of writing, and so forth.

  • Renewal applicants are required to supply articles/reports they have produced in the past year that relate to Thailand and/or countries in the region they have been assigned to cover under their contract.

  • Again, at least five examples should be submitted, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may request to see more at its discretion.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs understands that some applicants, while using Thailand as a base, focus more, or sometimes entirely, on stories from other countries in the region.

  • English summaries are required when submitting samples of work in other languages. The summary must include key points and provide a clear overview of the subject matter.

  • An official note from a foreign embassy in Thailand certifying that an applicant's accrediting organization is a known and bona fide entity in that country can be used as evidence of the organization's domestic registration.

  • Applications from news agencies/organizations whose registration documents have previously been submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are not required to resubmit such documentation.

If more information regarding accreditation is needed, please contact the MMOS team, Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs via email: mmosteam@gmail.com

New MMOS website
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the process of developing a new version of the MFA Media Online Service (MMOS) website. All foreign media personnel wishing to work in Thailand for a period of three months or longer must use this system to apply for or to renew their media visa, work permit, and press card.

Each year, about 500 people register for media accreditation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The existing MMOS website has been in use since 2011, and some limitations have been encountered including occasional system instability. Certain aspects of the website have also become obsolete. The beta version is due for launch for trial on 1 September 2017, and should officially replace the current website on 1 October. 

Main new features
  • Compatible with mobile phones and tablets.

  • New, more user-friendly interface.

  • Infographic user manual that is easy to follow with clear instructions and examples of required supporting documents.

  • Improved identification system -- users are identified via multiple fields instead of only an email address, making it possible to keep an account when a user changes his/her email address. This eliminates the possibility of multiple accounts belonging to one user.

  • User-friendly application forms clearly separated into sections that conform to current media visa guidelines.
  • New function that allows applicants to check the status of their application.

  • Email notifications of application progress.

  • Online help desk function linked to the applicant's email that stores all correspondence with the MMOS team.


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