In general, the FCCT’s events and facilities are open to the public.  Moreover, membership in the club is not only for journalists, the club offers several types of memberships that are specific for the type of individual or entity you are.

In addition, membership in the FCCT comes with a long list of benefits including the use of the club as a workspace and meeting place.

The following are some of the numerous benefits we offer to our members:

  • Free admission to club sponsored events
  • A 25% discount on food and beverage at the Club Restaurant & Bar (this discount is not offered in addition any club promotions on food and beverage
  • A discount on renting out club facilities for events and press conferences
  • Reciprocal privileges at more than twenty press clubs around the world
  • Access to members only committees, discussion groups, and job offers

The following are the annual membership dues for some of our most popular memberships:

Correspondent: 4,500 Baht

Journalist: 3,500 Baht

Thai Journalist: 1,000 Baht

Associate: 4,500 Baht

Corporate: 4,500 Baht

Government and Diplomatic: 4,500Baht

Life Membership: 75,000 Baht (paid one time, and you are a member of the FCCT for the rest of your life)

In addition, to annual membership dues there is also a one time 1,000 Baht registration fee that is charged when a member initially joins the club.

If you are ready to join please fill out the application form at the following link:

Once you have completed the application, please email it to or drop it by the FCCT Clubhouse office.