Facility Rental

Hold your event or press conference at the FCCT


Are you holding an event or need to hold a press conference?

The FCCT’s facilities are available for rent for a half day or a full day.

By renting the FCCT clubhouse you will have access to seating for more than 150, wifi access, use of the FCCT’s audio-visual system (which is capable of live streaming on the Internet), and many other benefits that the FCCT space offers.

Half day rentals are reasonably priced at 9,500 Baht, or have the facility for a full day for only 12,500 Baht.

Catering options are also available for your event.  Depending on your needs the FCCT can cater your event for anywhere between 250 Baht and 350 Baht per person.

Moreover, if you are member of the club you are eligible for a discount on facility rental.  For members, a half day is only 8,000 Baht, and a full day is just 10,000 Baht.

If you need more detailed information about how the FCCT can help you hold a successful event or press conference please email us at info@fccthai.com or call 02-652-0580.